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Thank you for visiting our website, Japanese fishing and tackle news.

We are Japanese people, who love fishing, and live overseas – based on Gold Coast, Australia and are proud of the Japanese fishing products.

As you know Japan is established by some small islands, Hokkaido, Shikoku, Kyushu, Honshu and some tiny islands, which are all enclosed by the ocean and intricately intertwined currents.

Japanese culture is based on the landscape as above, therefore the sea and fishing are more common things to us.
Nowadays, plenty of Japanese fisherman is all gathered to the fishing points and fish are very cautious. That also makes Japanese fishing tools very enhanced and advanced.

We started this website because we would like to let every fisherman know actual Japanese products and how nice they are.

We know there are lots of nice products from overseas, but if you know some of Japanese products and use them to help your fishing life a bit better… Like, a bit better lines, different type of lures, a bit smoother reels, a little bit thinner but tougher rods… We believe they will give you more variety of the way of fishing, and will give you more chance to target your dream fish.

What we do on this website is basically to tell you the news related to the Japanese fishing and tackles, and also let you know the way how you may be able to purchase Japanese products from Japanese websites, and how to ship them overseas.

Some websites become global but still some Japanese websites are just running their business locally and they only ship products within Japan. Now, we introduce you one global shipping method “Tenso.com” which gives you an intermediate Japanese address so that those Japanese shop can even send to there, and then Tenso.com will send parcels to your actual address overseas.

We also show you how to purchase from Japanese websites such as Rakuten, Amazon etc by explaining some important Japanese.

We wish those information helps your fishing life enhanced and boosted.

We appreciate your attention to us, and apologise for our non-native English.

JP Fishing Tackle News