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Product Review: Search Wider, Swim Well Lure from Ja-Do (Valley Hill) – Erda Teufel 125F

For these days, we are trying to review some products shipped from Japan, which we were interested and pretty keen to use, as they are usually sold out but some Japanese anglers say “incredible” – Ja-Do lures (Valley Hill).

And now we are producing the review for one of those lures, Ja-Do Erda Teufel 125F, the seabass mid – deep diving minnow.

Specialised and Different Type Lure in Ja-Do range

Ja-Do is the saltwater fishing brand from Valley Hill, one of highly motivated bass fishing brand. This lure range is not that many like Shimano / Daiwa, however each of them has its own characters, very specific and effective.

Now I introduce you this lure briefly at first.

This lure Erda Teufel 125F is designed especially for seabass fishing, but unlike the other Ja-Do lures. The length is 12.5cm, which is the longest of their lures, and the swimming range is deeper as 40cm – 120cm (as told by official).

The basic swim action is wobbling, and it will be changed from slow to fast action.

Now let’s see how this will work.

Make Longer Distance – You Can Search Wider Area than Others

I will expect you will feel this lure is a bit heavier than others, despite this is designed as floating minnow – that was what I felt in the first impression.

The reason of this weight is the sinker inside the body – as you can see it in the movie above.

This lure has 3 of rounded sinker inside the body, and this moves back to middle. When you cast this will sit in the back, to make longer distance, and when wobbling it sits in middle to make rattling noise like crack, crack.

You’ll see the nice distance when you cast right.

The testing area is from rock shore, with wave breaking point, and the target was Tailor. Because of this system this lure could reach well above and over the wave breaking area, where the other lure could not reach.

And as you can imagine, often fish are around that “ureachable” area. As we expected, through these tests fish sometimes stayed 60 – 100m off from the shore, but they were not attracted to jigs.

In such situation, this Teufel worked very well.

Different Type Of Swim Action Gives You More Choice

Now let’s see how it swims.

Like told above, the basic action is wobbling. When you are reeling slowly you won’t really feel the vibration much. We are actually assuming this deadly-slow wobbling action can work on calmer area, especially when pressure to fish is high and tensioned.

But in this area, unfortunately it was not working very well. Probably, because the wave is breaking and higher, therefore this did not attractive fish good enough, or fish would not see the lure inside bubbles.

Therefore we switched to mid to high speed action instead, then the action changed from slow wobbling to stronger, uneven wobbling action. And with these stronger action, the inner sinkers makes cracking noise through wobbling.

And when it’s with high speed, the swimming range is getting just under the surface. You can actually change the swimming range and action just by different speed, that you can also see it in the above movie.

And this stronger action, was actually matched to the Tailor very well. As soon as we switched to mid – high speed action, with twitching or darting, they started biting. And surprisingly, the bait fish they eat was just like around 5cm long white baits!

“The Teufel’s high speed moving is vertical, so if the fish is attracted by vertical action this Teufel will work well.” as of Ja-Do staff’s advice, the vertical and uneven action from this lure Teufel worked very well to these Tailor. And one more reason we are thinking, is the crack noise that the 2 sinkers make in wobbling. Like rattling Egi lures, this noise tells fish where the lure is in wave breaking – noisy situation.

We also tried with other lures and jigs in these situation Teufel works, we did not really have much bite, interestingly. But as soon as we switched back to Teufel we had a reaction from fish.

And moreover, other anglers did not really catch any at those days.


How lures work can be varied by situations, that’s true. And more closed and calm area like canals, bays, rivers, lakes etc. this can be a bit tricky or too strong or too big to use.

However, more tough area like wave breaking shores, beaches, off the rocks, etc. This can be very strong weapon for you.

Especially, you see other lures do not work, and want to try some different things, this can be your next option.

Even for these calm area you may be able to use dead-slow wobbling action with Teufel, using drifts. Or if biting range is deeper than other lures…

At least, this lure fascinated us very much through those testing.

We can strongly recommend you to have these..


Type Size (mm) Weight (g) Hook Size Ring Size Price (yen)
Middle range minnow 125 18 #6 #3 1,900

Colour variation:
JAPAN RH / Clear Sardine / Gizzard Shad / Fireworks / Card / G Chart / Burst Meteo / Chaore C / or / P Cotton Candy / Black Candy / Matte Ghost / Blue Blue

Ja-Do Seabass Lure ERDA Teufel 125F

Ja-Do ERDA Teufel 125F

Size: 125mm Weight: 21g Price: 1,732 yen –

Buy ERDA Teufel 125F

Official Site

* All product information and images are basically from Ja-Do official website.

Dead-Slow Seabass Lure from DAIWA – Morethan Shallow Upper 125F

Dead-Slow Seabass Lure from DAIWA – Morethan Shallow Upper 125F

“Begginer can even fish” DAIWA says – Pro angler Masaya “Onuman” Onuma produced seabass lure, DAIWA Morethan Shallow Upper 125F.

“Cast well, swim well” lure is introduced today.

“Dizzy” Rolling Action Attracts Fish

This lure is the lipless floating minnow diving to 30 – 80cm.

Amazingly it swims very well from deadly-slow – fast reeling, with dizzy and rolling action which may attracts fish very well.

This is made for all-area model, so you may be able to use anywhere like canals, broadwater, surf, rock etc…

Let’s see the action inside water.

As you can see it swim and rolls very well even in slow reeling. And you see strong rolling in fast reeling, which makes strong flash appeals widely.

Cast Well by Moving Tungsten Weight System

This lure can be casted very well, as well.

Let’s see inside of Morethan Shallow Upper lure below.

DAIWA Morethan Shallow Upper inside

As you can see the shape is very smooth and narrow, and moving tungsten weight with whole-through wire. When you cast the lure the tungsten weight will sit in the bottom, that makes distance, and when it lands on the water and start swimming, the weight is sit in top held by HGS – Hold Gravity System to keep the nice action. With this system, basically you will only need to reel even speed and this lure will automatically make actions to fascinate fish.

Colours and Spec

This lure Morethan Shallow Upper 125F has 11 colours – Emerald Ayu / Anchovy red berry / Gold rainbow / Sleepless city / Laser Sardine / Laser red head / Lime chart herring / 3D baby mullet / Stain gold / Pearl orange berry / Matt lime chart. While the day time laser Sardine, baby mullet may be working well, and I am also interested in Gold rainbow, Laser Head, Sleepless City for night game.

Type Size (mm) Weight (g) Hook Size Ring Size Price (yen)
Floating 125 21 #6 #3 2,200
DAIWA Morethan Shallow Upper

DAIWA Morethan Shallow Upper

Size: 125mm Weight: 21g Price: 26,049 yen –

Buy Morethan Shallow Upper

Official Site

* All product information and images are basically from DAIWA official website.

The “Best Saltwater Reel” SHIMANO Sustain is Here

Today we introduce you, the new saltwater reel from SHIMANO – Sustain.

Here in Australia SHIMANO has already released Sustain FG, and this new Sustain looks like designed based on the same concept of this Sustain FG, but advanced of course.

And the Quick Response series new reel, SHIMANO Sustain, is actually awarded as “Best Saltwater Reel” from ICAST Fishing Show 2017.

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New Product: Emeraldas MX Eging Rod is Upgraded: DAIWA

Previously we introduced you DAIWA Emeraldas MX ’17 reels as of the link.

Now DAIWA’s eging brand Emeraldas has released new rod models – DAIWA Emeraldas MX Rods.

High Tech, High End Quality Eging Rod

DAIWA official says, this new rod Emeraldas MX’17 is brushed up the basic spec – jerking, light weight, sensitivity.

The brank has HVF NanoPlus – combination of new light & sensitive HVF Carbon and Nanoeye ® technology form Toray, and X45 – the way of layer of carbon wraps made by DAIWA, therefore the new model has stronger but lighter and more sensitive branks.

As you may know, lightness is very important for all lure fishing including eging as you will have to keep casting all the time while you are fishing. And squid bites are very small, the sensitivity this rod has, can be your strong weapon.

The guides are titanium KL-H & KT, plus SiC ring as well as the old model. That KL-H, KT guides are very systematic un-tangle line guide frames which works very well, especially with lighter and thinner lines. Especially the eging using thin braided lines, this is very important.

Model Description

83ML-S + E: for egi size 1.8 – 3.5. This has Megatop tip, that gives extra strength therefore you can even catch small bites from squids.

83M E: basic use for lots of areas, and for egi size 2.5 – 4. As DAIWA says “All season model”.

86ML E: balanced of castability and controllability length model, 1.8 – 3.5 size egis are suitable, and especially for smaller bites condition.

86M E: balanced of castability and controllability length model, 2.5 – 4 size egis are suitable. As DAIWA says “All season model”.

86MH E: for heavier condition like “spring squid” the bigger squid season, 3.5 – 4.5 size egis are suitable. Even for deep area eging it’ll have enough power.

89M E: for long casting model. 2.5 – 4 size egis are suitable. From rocks, high levees, surf.

Spec and Release Date

This new Emeraldas MX ’17 has 6 models as above, and already released at this July, same as Emeraldas MX ’17 reels.

Model Length Sections Weight Egi Size Matched Line Price (yen)
83ML-S•E 2.52m (8’3″) 2 90g (3.17oz) 1.8-3.5 8-16lb (braided line) 28,300
83M•E 2.52m (8’3″) 2 95g (3.35oz) 2.5-4.0 8-18lb (braided line) 28,300
86ML•E 2.59m (8’6″) 2 95g (3.35oz) 1.8-3.5 8-16lb (braided line) 28,500
86M•E 2.59m (8’6″) 2 95g (3.35oz) 2.5-4.0 8-16lb (braided line) 28,500
86MH•E 2.59m (8’6″) 2 105g (3.7oz) 3.5-4.5 8-18lb (braided line) 28,500
89M•E 2.67m (8’9″) 2 100g (3.53oz) 2.5-4.0 8-18lb (braided line) 28,700
DAIWA Emeraldas MX (outguided model)

DAIWA Emeraldas MX (outguided model)

Size: 2.52 – 2.67m
Weight: 90 – 105g Price: 21,395 yen –

Buy Emeraldas MX

Official Site

Basic product information and images are from DAIWA Official Website

New Product: DAIWA Eging Reel is Upgraded – The Light Emeraldas MX

Some of you might already know about this news.

The eging brand of DAIWA “Emeraldas” has released the iconic eging reel – Emeraldas MX ’17.

Today we are introducing you this very impressive coloured reel model.

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Ultimate Seabass Rod from Shimano – Exsence∞ (Infinity)

As we introduced, DAIWA has released new seabass rod the other day.

And now – from SHIMANO, named Exsence Infinity.

8 years past since the last Exsence rod has released, now the “Ultimate” top quality seabass rod from SHIMANO, will give you “ultimate” experiences.

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Usable Shore Style Bag from CoreMan Released

Lots of fishing TV program just introduce boat fishing in the world… Here Australia is the same.

However you can still have fun fishing from shore of course.

And CoreMan, the Japanese fishing wear supplier, has now released very nice waist poach for shore game fishing.

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New Product: Super Long Fishing Rod from DAIWA – Rock Seabass

Do you know, or ever fished “Black Fin Seabass”?
This is one kind of seabass, named “Hira Suzuki” in Japanese (“Suzuki” means seabass, not cars), and the main target of shore salt lure anglers in Japan.

This seabass usually live in very rough, rocky condition so it’s told one of the most exciting, but dangerous fishing, because to catch them, you will need to go to rock shore place in rough, dangerous condition.

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Mustn’t Run Away.. EVA x DRESS Fish Grip Grasper EVANGELION-01 Unit 01

How much people love Neon Genesis Evangelion? Have you watched them and wanted, tried to get Eva figures? And of course, you love fishing, yeah?

Then this is the one for you. “You mustn’t run away even from big fish…!”  Grasper EVANGELION-01 Unit 01 ver. from EVA x DRESS, the fish grip suit for big fish.

Based on Grasper-H The Powerful Fish Grip from DRESS

The based model Grasper-H is the heavy version of the same branded fish grip Grasper, which toughened up by thickened and wide-opened claw to be used for bigger and thicker fish.

And this EVA Unit 01 ver. is coloured to as Evangelion Unit 01, and also little design details are also customised like "Unicorn" head of the upper claw is elongated ( so that you can stick it into fish mouse to open up easily), the claw shape is more solid than rounded, etc.

This can also be folded when not used so it’s very handy. You can also tie with rope or snap at the end so you won’t lose it.

Looks kool, useful and very powerful. If you are offshore angler, and if you love Evangelion, then yeah this is it for you.

Model Length (mm) Weight (g) Material Price (yen)
Grasper EVANGELION-01 Folded: 202
Opened: 301
194 Shaved aluminum 32,400


Size: 202mm / 301mm
Weight: 194g Price: 32,400 yen


Official Site

* All product information and images are basically from DRESS official website.

Big Lure for Bass from Jackall – Dowz Swimmer 220 SF

Have you tried big lures yet for bass fishing?

Those big lures especially target the big bass and therefore the size is very big, like 150mm, 200mm, even more…

And this, DowzSwinner 220 SF is the big bait lure that has 2 joints with 3 body parts, and that swims really like a bait fish.

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