New Product: DAIWA New Reel for Small Game Fishing Gekka Bijin EX

DAIWA has revealed its new spinning reel model of Gekka Bijin, designed specialised for small game fishing.

This is now named “Gekka Bijin EX” with very interesting look.

Designed to As The High End Model of Gekka Bijin

As this is designed to one of their high end model for small game fishing, this has Mag Sealed, which is the DAIWA’s waterproof technology, and Mag Sealed ball bearing so that the reel can be highly protected from salt water use.

This spinning reel also has new Zaion Air Rotor, which is also DAIWA’s very light but strong rotor that makes light reeling with light weight, and also gives you very sensitive feedback from your lures.

ATD – Automatic Tournament Drag system is also installed to this spinning reel. This ATD system controls the strength of drag depending on the line tension, and the starting of the drag is smoother than old types, therefore hooking off of the first bite can be less.

The body is also made by Zaion, that the DAIWA’s strong but light material. And the body colouring is also interesting, not as the other Gekka Bijin, but this has light wine red colour for whole body with light metallic silver spool.

This spinning reel is really “different” inside and outside.

Specs and Release Date

As this spinning reel is specialised to light game fishing, the line-up are 1003 / 1003RH / 2004C.

1003 is the usual 1000 class-size reel for normal ajing. 1003RH is a bit different model, which has 1000 class rotor with bigger and tougher body for long casting ajing, and 2004C is the compact body with 2000 class rotor for light rock fish games.

DAIWA has announced the release date is mid of this April.

Model Gear Ratio Weight (g) Drag Power (kg) Capacity*
Mono (lb-m)
Braid (lb-m)
Retrieve Range (cm) Price (yen)
1003 4.8 165 2 2-150 3-100
60 60,000
1003RH 4.9 175 2 2-150 3-100
71 61,000
2004C 4.8 170 2 3-140 4-100
64 61,000
DAIWA Gekka Bijin EX spinning reel

DAIWA Gekka Bijin EX

Size: 1003 / 2004 Price: from 51,830 yen

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Official Site

* Line capacity is based on Gekka Bijin lines.
* All product information and images are basically from DAIWA official website.

4 thoughts on “New Product: DAIWA New Reel for Small Game Fishing Gekka Bijin EX”

    1. Hi Humaid, we are very sorry however we are not a seller but just managing this blog to introduce Japanese fishing tackles. And the DAIWA Sealine SLT80W is, as you know one of very old reel and therefore you can only get used one from internet now.

    1. Hi Aaron, thank you for your comment.
      This is the normal spinning reel, therefore you can switch either left or right handed easily.

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