New Product: Emeraldas MX Eging Rod is Upgraded: DAIWA

Previously we introduced you DAIWA Emeraldas MX ’17 reels as of the link.

Now DAIWA’s eging brand Emeraldas has released new rod models – DAIWA Emeraldas MX Rods.

High Tech, High End Quality Eging Rod

DAIWA official says, this new rod Emeraldas MX’17 is brushed up the basic spec – jerking, light weight, sensitivity.

The brank has HVF NanoPlus – combination of new light & sensitive HVF Carbon and Nanoeye ® technology form Toray, and X45 – the way of layer of carbon wraps made by DAIWA, therefore the new model has stronger but lighter and more sensitive branks.

As you may know, lightness is very important for all lure fishing including eging as you will have to keep casting all the time while you are fishing. And squid bites are very small, the sensitivity this rod has, can be your strong weapon.

The guides are titanium KL-H & KT, plus SiC ring as well as the old model. That KL-H, KT guides are very systematic un-tangle line guide frames which works very well, especially with lighter and thinner lines. Especially the eging using thin braided lines, this is very important.

Model Description

83ML-S + E: for egi size 1.8 – 3.5. This has Megatop tip, that gives extra strength therefore you can even catch small bites from squids.

83M E: basic use for lots of areas, and for egi size 2.5 – 4. As DAIWA says “All season model”.

86ML E: balanced of castability and controllability length model, 1.8 – 3.5 size egis are suitable, and especially for smaller bites condition.

86M E: balanced of castability and controllability length model, 2.5 – 4 size egis are suitable. As DAIWA says “All season model”.

86MH E: for heavier condition like “spring squid” the bigger squid season, 3.5 – 4.5 size egis are suitable. Even for deep area eging it’ll have enough power.

89M E: for long casting model. 2.5 – 4 size egis are suitable. From rocks, high levees, surf.

Spec and Release Date

This new Emeraldas MX ’17 has 6 models as above, and already released at this July, same as Emeraldas MX ’17 reels.

Model Length Sections Weight Egi Size Matched Line Price (yen)
83ML-S•E 2.52m (8’3″) 2 90g (3.17oz) 1.8-3.5 8-16lb (braided line) 28,300
83M•E 2.52m (8’3″) 2 95g (3.35oz) 2.5-4.0 8-18lb (braided line) 28,300
86ML•E 2.59m (8’6″) 2 95g (3.35oz) 1.8-3.5 8-16lb (braided line) 28,500
86M•E 2.59m (8’6″) 2 95g (3.35oz) 2.5-4.0 8-16lb (braided line) 28,500
86MH•E 2.59m (8’6″) 2 105g (3.7oz) 3.5-4.5 8-18lb (braided line) 28,500
89M•E 2.67m (8’9″) 2 100g (3.53oz) 2.5-4.0 8-18lb (braided line) 28,700
DAIWA Emeraldas MX (outguided model)

DAIWA Emeraldas MX (outguided model)

Size: 2.52 – 2.67m
Weight: 90 – 105g Price: 21,395 yen –

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Official Site

Basic product information and images are from DAIWA Official Website

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