Dead-Slow Seabass Lure from DAIWA – Morethan Shallow Upper 125F

Dead-Slow Seabass Lure from DAIWA – Morethan Shallow Upper 125F

“Begginer can even fish” DAIWA says – Pro angler Masaya “Onuman” Onuma produced seabass lure, DAIWA Morethan Shallow Upper 125F.

“Cast well, swim well” lure is introduced today.

“Dizzy” Rolling Action Attracts Fish

This lure is the lipless floating minnow diving to 30 – 80cm.

Amazingly it swims very well from deadly-slow – fast reeling, with dizzy and rolling action which may attracts fish very well.

This is made for all-area model, so you may be able to use anywhere like canals, broadwater, surf, rock etc…

Let’s see the action inside water.

As you can see it swim and rolls very well even in slow reeling. And you see strong rolling in fast reeling, which makes strong flash appeals widely.

Cast Well by Moving Tungsten Weight System

This lure can be casted very well, as well.

Let’s see inside of Morethan Shallow Upper lure below.

DAIWA Morethan Shallow Upper inside

As you can see the shape is very smooth and narrow, and moving tungsten weight with whole-through wire. When you cast the lure the tungsten weight will sit in the bottom, that makes distance, and when it lands on the water and start swimming, the weight is sit in top held by HGS – Hold Gravity System to keep the nice action. With this system, basically you will only need to reel even speed and this lure will automatically make actions to fascinate fish.

Colours and Spec

This lure Morethan Shallow Upper 125F has 11 colours – Emerald Ayu / Anchovy red berry / Gold rainbow / Sleepless city / Laser Sardine / Laser red head / Lime chart herring / 3D baby mullet / Stain gold / Pearl orange berry / Matt lime chart. While the day time laser Sardine, baby mullet may be working well, and I am also interested in Gold rainbow, Laser Head, Sleepless City for night game.

Type Size (mm) Weight (g) Hook Size Ring Size Price (yen)
Floating 125 21 #6 #3 2,200
DAIWA Morethan Shallow Upper

DAIWA Morethan Shallow Upper

Size: 125mm Weight: 21g Price: 26,049 yen –

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* All product information and images are basically from DAIWA official website.

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