New Product: Super Long Fishing Rod from DAIWA – Rock Seabass

Do you know, or ever fished “Black Fin Seabass”?
This is one kind of seabass, named “Hira Suzuki” in Japanese (“Suzuki” means seabass, not cars), and the main target of shore salt lure anglers in Japan.

This seabass usually live in very rough, rocky condition so it’s told one of the most exciting, but dangerous fishing, because to catch them, you will need to go to rock shore place in rough, dangerous condition.

Today we introduce the new seabass rod from DAIWA – Morethan Wisemen, one of the best seabass fishing rod name Morethan from DAIWA, and designed especially for black fin seabass.

The Merits of Super Long Fishing Rod

The biggest unique character of this fishing rod is the super long length, 15 feet size. 15 feet… if you have boat rod around 7 feet, just imagine the double size of it… and that’s this length. Pretty long, isn’t it?

This length, of course, has particular meaning especially on rock fishing.
Think about floating bait rock floater in Japan. “Iso” (means rock coast) fishing rods of those floater fishing are generally very long, usually around 5m. Somebody uses 6-7m long as well.

The reason why they use that long rods, the main reason is because in the rock coast, you will see the rock you stand on, is just a part of the huge rock and it’ll be more and wider under the water.

Lots of fish around rocks, when they are hooked, often they run onto the rock wall and try to scratch your line. And if you only use 7ft rods then, easy as pie to imagine what happens next. The rock under the water can wide spread to 4m or more and the line will be scratched, and easy to be broken.
Now if you have this 15 ft rod in the same situation, you can pull the fish away from the rock wall and easy to fight with.

Another reason is that, just simply, the longer rods can cast longer. The black fin seabass can be caught in very rough situation, the power of the super-long rod can be strength to cast your lures to desired points.

And of course, as you know the place you fish can be around 5m high. For example, if you use diving pencil and try to jerk downwards, it could be too short to get the diving action sometimes. And this rod can achieve this in the situation.

Yes, this rod is designed for tough, rocky situation where you were frustrated until now.

Spec and Price

DAIWA has announced the release date will be September 2017.

Model Length Sections Weight Lure weight Matched Line Price (yen)
T150M-5 Hira Gurui 4.57m (15ft) 5 322g (11.36oz) 10-50g (0.35-1.76oz) 13-30lb (braided line) 98,000

Basic product information and images are from Daiwa Japan Official Website

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