Mustn’t Run Away.. EVA x DRESS Fish Grip Grasper EVANGELION-01 Unit 01

How much people love Neon Genesis Evangelion? Have you watched them and wanted, tried to get Eva figures? And of course, you love fishing, yeah?

Then this is the one for you. “You mustn’t run away even from big fish…!”  Grasper EVANGELION-01 Unit 01 ver. from EVA x DRESS, the fish grip suit for big fish.

Based on Grasper-H The Powerful Fish Grip from DRESS

The based model Grasper-H is the heavy version of the same branded fish grip Grasper, which toughened up by thickened and wide-opened claw to be used for bigger and thicker fish.

And this EVA Unit 01 ver. is coloured to as Evangelion Unit 01, and also little design details are also customised like "Unicorn" head of the upper claw is elongated ( so that you can stick it into fish mouse to open up easily), the claw shape is more solid than rounded, etc.

This can also be folded when not used so it’s very handy. You can also tie with rope or snap at the end so you won’t lose it.

Looks kool, useful and very powerful. If you are offshore angler, and if you love Evangelion, then yeah this is it for you.

Model Length (mm) Weight (g) Material Price (yen)
Grasper EVANGELION-01 Folded: 202
Opened: 301
194 Shaved aluminum 32,400


Size: 202mm / 301mm
Weight: 194g Price: 32,400 yen


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* All product information and images are basically from DRESS official website.

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