New Game Style!? Light Shore Plugging Game Fishing from Maria

Have you tried large fish-eater fishing? Like shore / off shore jigging, plugging…
Even smaller size of those species can have massive power to gain your adrenaline.

If no, would you like to start it?

I am sure almost of you would say yes, they are one of most exciting fishing you can do. But to start, you may think like “I cannot afford those expensive tackles…” Oh dear.

Now that! Maria – from Yamaria has proposed new game fishing style – Light Shore Plugging Game.

What is “ Light Shore Plugging Fishing”?

Normally “Plugging Game” means the game fishing that targets large fish eater – mainly King Fish – using heavy / high strength rods, 8000 or over size reels, and PE 50lb or more, which are often, expensive.

But for this Shore Light Plugging, the target can still be the same species but smaller, like around 60cm, therefore you can use your seabass / light jigging tackles, such as light – med strength rods, around 3000-4000 size reels and PE 15-25lb.

You just need to change the lure from seabass or light jig, to small “Blue Runner*” plugs…

* Blue runner as “Aomono” means large wandering fish-eater species like king fish, amberjack, dolphin fish, bonitos etc.

What is the merit of Light Shore Plugging?

If you target those smaller size fish eaters, there can be such kind of situation – you can see by boiling, or know there are those fish around your fishing point, but the bait they eat is a bit larger than light jigs… And you only have light jigging / seabass tackles.

In this case your jig can be too small against them and they ignore or can’t find your jig because of it. And this method, can match the bait with your light tackles easily.

And unlike normal heavy plugging fishing, you can use exact the same tackles for light jigging / seabass, and because you only use lighter tackle, you can be tired less naturally. (this is the point 3 in movie below)

Moreover, as those smaller sized fish eaters can wander around easy-to-access points like closest surf, under bridges near ocean, embankments or fishing parks. You don’t need to get into dangerous rock fishing or offshore. (this is the point 2 in movie below)

What lure can I use for Light Shore Plugging?

I am introducing the movie from Maria – shows what the method is, how and what kind of lures you can use (in Japanese).
Before you watch the movie I will introduce what he is really talking about briefly.

  1. First section – introduction
    He is introducing what Light Shore Plugging is, and the merit.
  2. Introducing of lures
    He is introducing the lure you can use for this method.
  3. Description of each lures – Rapido F130
    What the lure is, how it is and how to make actions
  4. Pop Queen F80 / F105
    How to use
  5. Fla-Pen Blue Runner S115
    How to use

Now, I am placing those lure descriptions referencing his saying in the movie.

Surface Fishing Lure – Maria Rapido F130

Diving Pencil Maria Rapido F160

Maria Rapido F160

Size: 160mm 50g Price: 1,987 yen

Maria Rapido F160

Official Site

* F130 is coming soon…

This is lure is the top water diving pencil lure, especially designed for king fish / amberjack. This lure firstly has come out with 160mm size for normal plugging game, and now Maria has released downsized 130mm.

This plug has 30g of weight and streamlined body shape that provides powerful long casting. In the movie he said you may be able to cast around 70m average.

The basic action of this Rapido F130 is the diving action by long jerking. Jerk long by pulling your rod to side – lower position, and stop until the plug can come up. As he says, bites can happen when the lure is on the way to come up from the diving, so to stop after jerking is very important.

Secondly, if the fish are more aggressive, clear water and / or daytime, fast twitching action by quick jerking can be effective as well. This action can gather fish from wider area as it makes bigger wave and sounds.

Popper Lure – Maria Pop Queen F80 / F105

Maria Pop Queen F80 / F105

Maria Pop Queen F105

Size: 105mm 28g Price: 1,728 yen

Maria Pop Queen F105

Official Site

This is a salt water popper lure from Maria. This is actually long seller model and lots of Japanese anglers use and recommend to use.

The main action of this is, as well as other poppers (but unlike fresh water popper), long bubbly diving action by long jerking pulling strongly your rod to lower as he does in the movie above. By long lower jerking you can see the bubbles around the lure and large popping sound, that attract fish.

If you would like to search wider area quickly, the fast jerking action can be effective as well. By quick fast twitching you can make bigger sounds and waves that can gather fish from wider area. If you see fish chasing the popper by twitching but not biting yet,  changing twitching speed can be effective.

Special Pencil Bait – Maria Fla-Pen Blue Runner S115

Maria Fla-Pen Blue Runner S115

This pencil lure is actually very interesting one from Maria.

The biggest difference from other pencil baits is the back side flip as you can see on the tail. This lure is firstly designed and sold for Seabass fishing but now redesigned for “blue runner”.

The back flip makes the same type of wave after running in the water as bait fish’s back tail, and that can cheat lures as bait fish in perfection.

This lure is especially designed for same-speed reeling basically. Please watch the movie again – and watch the reeling speed of him. That’s fast isn’t it? That fast retrieving can actually gain the flip action more effective. This lure’s swimming range is therefore, as you can see in the movie the shallow, just under the surface area. You can either use slower reeling in shallow range like 30-50cm under the surface, or faster reeling just under the water.

If you are seabass anglers, I would strongly recommend you to start this fishing as well… The 60cm king fish, can actually have much different feeling from seabass and you won’t regret it!

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