Product Review: Sinking Pencil “Buttobi Kun 95S” Really Flies

Yuki Inoue, the CEO of Japanese fishing lure company Jumprize, had been pursuiting this kind of lure so long, as Jumprize official website says.

This is very fascinating lure and wanted to try but it was sold out for long… and now finally we could test.

“Long Range Casting” Is Really Long

This name, “Buttobi” means “well-flying”. As of the name the sales catch copies are “well-flying” “well-action” Is that really true?

The answer we saw, was actually “True”. It was a little windy days like 15-20knot against, and when we tried to cast the local-selling pencil around 10cm long it could only reach about 40m or so. Windy days can be the nice chance of big bites as the bait fish cannot move around and stay at certain spots and fish eater know it, but especially from the rockwall, that distance can be a bit too short.

And we switched to Buttobi Kun 95S, and bang! That could reach at least 60m, the longest we checked was around 75m or so.

The most biggest reason of the long casting, is we found its weight. That kind of lure is usually like 15-20g but this has 27g. When you try to cast it, you’ll realize it can feel more than that. Yes, we think this is kind of “Jig Pen (metal jig + pencil bait)”.

And this day, this distance actually worked well. The first Trevally we caught, literally bit the lure at that 60m distance.

First Hit Trevally by Buttobi Kun

The longer casting the more chance you get, that’s for sure…. as you know.

The “High Pitch Wide Swing” Action

Now let’s see the second catch copy of “well-action”.

At the first couple of cast, actually rod did not really catch the vibe of the action. And yes, it was a bit too slow for this. The first reeling speed was roughly 1.5 times round per sec, by extra high gear reel, means about 120-150cm per sec, with little tweaking.

Therefore we changed the reeling speed to roughly 2 – 2.5 times per sec, then started feeling the vibe more.

But with this method, the lure was actually easily came up to the surface and made skipping action, which can be effective when fish are highly motivated.

This lure is very fast sinking against other similar type lures, so at the next cast we let it sink a bit deeper by stopping action when it touched the water from casting.

2,3… 5 sec then started retrieving by the same speed. After started feeling of vibe, then Bang! That was actually spot-on for Trevally.

First Hit Trevally by Buttobi Kun

Effective Method of “Buttobi Kun 95S”

Now as described above, you can tell this lure is designed for high pitch reeling, or jerking style. As we caught couple of Trevallies by this lure, we suggest those method to use this Buttobi Kun effectively,

  • high pitch middle depth reeling – let it sink 5-10s and mid-high speed retrieving like 200-250cm per sec. Even-speed reeling with a bit of tweaking can works
  • mid-high pitch surface / skipping reeling – depending on how fast tide is, but high pitch skipping can work well. Don’t do too much skipping, let it touch the water surface even when skipping, and this method caught couple of Trevs at this time. If you try just under the surface try the max speed that it can still stay inside the water.

Conclusions, if you have one of this or 2 type of this (pink and natural blue), it can be strong weapon, even if you encounter to such a tough condition. That’s our recommended product, really 🙂

Buttobi Kun Sinking Pencil Bait

Used Tackles of the Test

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