The “Best Saltwater Reel” SHIMANO Sustain is Here

Today we introduce you, the new saltwater reel from SHIMANO – Sustain.

Here in Australia SHIMANO has already released Sustain FG, and this new Sustain looks like designed based on the same concept of this Sustain FG, but advanced of course.

And the Quick Response series new reel, SHIMANO Sustain, is actually awarded as “Best Saltwater Reel” from ICAST Fishing Show 2017.

Stronger, and Smoother with New Technologies

As in official site this Sustain is belonged in Quick Response series, which is themed to the “quick response” feeling… Um yes that’s exactly the same as the name.

But as of the name, the main point of the Quick Response series reels is the smoothness and lightness of reeling.

This new SHIMANO Sustain has New Magnum Light Rotor and G-Free body the feeling of reeling is much smoother and lighter.

What about dragging system? – No worries. I actually am really interested in this feature “Rigid Support Drag” system, which can release the line very smoothly. This can very help while you fight with bigger fish often.

And surprisingly, this reel is much closer to SHIMANO’s new reel Twin Power XD.

This Sustain also has X-Protect, which is better waterproof than Core Protect, which is featured to Stella, and as you know this feature is firstly to the TwinPower XD.

And from Hagane Body and Hagane Gear, you can have both of strength and smoothness like Twin Powr XD, but more affordable prices.

Specs and Release Date

This new Sustain models are very similar to Twin Power XD, initially it only has 4 models. The only difference is this Sustain reel has 3000XG, instead of Twin Power XD C3000XG.

Both of 3000XG and C3000XG have the same spool size and line capacities from the spec, but only difference is the body size. C3000 body is similar to 2500 size.

And to me, with 3000 size spool I usually use it for Tailor / Trevally type of species game fishing, so I would rather to have normal 3000 body so that you can be relieved by sudden big fishing fight.

Yes, this can be very useful game fishing reel for you.

Model Gear Ratio Weight (g) Drag Power (kg) Capacity*
Braid (lb-m)
Retrieve Range (cm) Price (yen)
C3000HG 6.0 225 9.0 20-400 28-270 33-180 88 36,000
3000XG 6.2 235 9.0 20-400 28-270 33-180 91 36,000
4000XG 6.2 285 11.0 20-500 28-320 33-210 99 37,000
C5000XG 6.2 285 11.0 28-420 33-300 54-190 103 37,000

* Line capacity is based on SHIMANO Power Pro Z.



Model: C3000HG/3000XG/4000XG/C5000XG Price: 26,049 yen –

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* All product information and images are basically from SHIMANO official website.

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