How to Shop at Rakuten (楽天)

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Rakuten Inc. is one of the biggest shopping mall website based in Japan, that has about 42,000 shops inside (from Rakuten HP - Sep, 2015).

This webstore actually has global store in English, thus you may be able to check on Rakuten Global Market first, when you start to purchase some Japanese fishing tackles.

Rakuten Global Store top page

In this site it can be a bit tricky to search items, because those english names can be automatically translated from Japanese Rakuten Ichiba pages.
We also chase up where to purchase selected items on our news, and often we see some misspelliing names there.

To search items you can chase up by Japanese names sometimes, so it can be effective to use Japanese name in the search bar.
In other way, category search can be long, but most reliable way.

However not all tackles can be shipped over the world. Especially small companies, cannot offer the oversea shipping sometimes.

But do not worry - there is a great shipping transfer service, Tenso.Com.

This service gives you Japanese physical address once you register, so that you can purchase anything from any Japanese shop and send them to the address you have, and Tenso.Com will transfer your parcels to your address overseas.

Here are some useful instruction how to use Tenso.Com.

Go to Rakuten Global Market

Rakuten Ichiba (楽天市場)

Once you have Japanese physical address from, logically you can also purchase something from Rakuten Ichiba, the Rakuten's Japanese store.

However, as I assume almost of you are non-native Japanese speaker, there are some technical issues against purchasing from Rakuten Ichiba.

  1. almost of product names are stored in Japanese, so you will need to be able to type Japanese to search products. Also all sites are written in Japanese, it will be hard to understand as well.
  2. when you add your name to check out, there are forms ‘Furigana’ - meaning how to read your name in Japanese, and you will have to be able to write your name in Japanese as well. In those fields any of characters other than full-sized Japanese Katakana will be denied.
  3. Any credit cards published other than Japan cannot be used. So the ways of payment you can take are by:
    • Credit cards published in Japan
    • Bank transfer ( not sure if you can transfer money from overseas )

Some of shop can take PayPal, but it is still minor method in Japanese market.

Therefore, we will recommend you to change the store to different ones like, if you did not find your item from Rakuten Global.

Go to Rakuten Ichiba