How to Shop at Amazon

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One of the most giant web mall - perhaps we would not need to explain about this website, Amazon.

It has localised stores for 13 countries.

Actually, if you compare the price in between Amazon and Rakuten, for some items Rakuten can be cheaper a little than Amazon.

However, the strength and motivation to use Amazon for us, as Japanese product seeker from overseas, are as follow:

  • You can use English for those localised websites including Japanese store
  • You can also use credit cards published by companies overseas
  • Amazon has more items than Rakuten Global

Especially, a lot of Japanese web shop actually deny overseas credit card, for security reason in regards to what they say. This is the biggest barrier to buy items from Japanese web shop, even for Japanese live in overseas. But you don't have to suffer from it at Amazon.

If you are a Japanese fishing item seeker from U.S.A. - do not worry about this!

There are some Japanese product importer in the U.S. website, therefore you can possibly buy some Japan-only items from there, and it might be free-shipping.

But if you are from other country than U.S.... Unfortunately, we could not find Japan-only products from other localised websites.

But still, you don't have to worry about it... As we already mentioned, you can even see Japanese website in English!

Simply just go to - then click “In English” at the top-center, at the last of the main navigation. Or if you are on mobile device, scroll down to the bottom and tap “View in English”.

See below:

Now, you can either search products by Japanese and English.

(We detected some products are not translated in English. Use Japanese instead, if you cannot find one in English)

But why do you still need to use not if you are outside U.S.?

The answer is that, lots of items in can only be shipped anywhere in U.S.

And yes, as you expected, lots of items in can only be shipped to the place in Japan.

However, there is a way to get a physical JAPANESE address - Tenso.Com.

This service gives you Japanese physical address once you register, so that you can purchase anything from any Japanese shop and send them to the address you have, and Tenso.Com will transfer your parcels to your address overseas.

Here  are some useful instruction how to use Tenso.Com.

Then again if you are in U.S. - YES, you can also check and compare the price in between Japanese and U.S. Website!

Hope this will help your better fishing life...

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