Usable Shore Style Bag from CoreMan Released

Lots of fishing TV program just introduce boat fishing in the world… Here Australia is the same.

However you can still have fun fishing from shore of course.

And CoreMan, the Japanese fishing wear supplier, has now released very nice waist poach for shore game fishing.

7 Litre Big Space with Holders

This product is designed especially for shore seabass fishing. From official website it has those features:

  1. Very light weight from ripstop nylon
  2. Huge 7 Litre capacity (2 rooms, 5 pockets, 2 holder)
  3. Stress free design attached to your waist
  4. “Samurai Position” placed D ring best for landing net hanging
  5. Inflatable poach (sold separately) can be attached

Let/s have a go for run-and-gun game fishing easily…

Nice isn’t it?


Model Size (mm) Weight (g) Capacity Price (yen)
Shore Style Bag H200mmxW270mmxD140mm 560 7 L 9,500
Coreman Shore Style Bag

Coreman Shore Style Bag

Size: H200mm×W270mm×D140mm
Weight: 560g Price: 9,234 yen

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Official Site

* All product information and images are basically from Coreman official website.

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