New Product: DAIWA Eging Reel is Upgraded – The Light Emeraldas MX

Some of you might already know about this news.

The eging brand of DAIWA “Emeraldas” has released the iconic eging reel – Emeraldas MX ’17.

Today we are introducing you this very impressive coloured reel model.

Lighter and Smoother Reel

The most important factors you may think, and mostly we agree, are the lightweight and the smoothness, especially when you are jerking the egi lures while squidding.

And those points are what this reel achieved the most.

Comparing to other Emeraldas reels, let’s do with ’14 Emeraldas MX, ’16 Emeraldas, the new ’17 Emeraldas MX is the lightest for all models.

Example, 2508PE – ’14 Emeraldas 210g / ’16 Emeraldas 235g / ’17 Emeraldas MX 200g, ’17 model is the lightest of course, and 10g lighter than the previous model, and 35g lighter than ’16 model.

All models comparison is below:

Reel 2508PE 2508PE-H 2508PE-DH 2508PE-H-DH
›14 Emeraldas MX 210g 210g 230g 230g
’16 Emeraldas 235g 235g 250g 250g
’17 Emeraldas MX 200g 200g 215g 215g

And this is achieved by Zaion body, the new carbon material technology by DAIWA.

Smoothness by DAIWA Technology

This ’17 Emeraldas MX also has 2 main technologies from DAIWA – Air Rotor and ATD (Automatic Drug System).

Air Rotor is the new DAIWA’s rotor shape that keeps the same strength but much lighter than old normal rotors. This rotor is more balanced so it spins very smooth.

ATD is the drug system that release the lines smoother than previous, especially when start to drug the line, so squid won’t feel weirdness at first so they won’t fight too much.

Very “Emerald” Body

And of course, as you can see it clearly from the picture… This reel has lots of “Emerald Green” on the body. Much more than Emeraldas ’16.

Spec and Release Date

Those models are exactly the same as Emeraldas ’16, 4 models – 2508PE / 2508PE-H / 2508PE-DH / 2508PE-H-DH. -H is the high gear models, and -DH is the double handled models.

Release date was July 2017, so you can get the reels already!

Model Gear Ratio Weight (g) Drag Power (kg) Capacity*
Braid (lb-m)
Retrieve Range (cm) Price (yen)
2508PE 4.8 200 7.0 12-150 16-120 72 29,500
2508PE-H 5.6 200 7.0 12-150 16-120 84 29,500
2508PE-DH 4.8 215 7.0 12-150 16-120 72 31,500
2508PE-H-DH 5.6 215 7.0 12-150 16-120 84 31,500

* Line capacity is based on DAIWA Egi Sensor.

DAIWA Emeraldas MX '17

DAIWA Emeraldas MX

Weight: 200 / 215g Price: 22,302 yen –

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Basic product information and images are from DAIWA Official Website

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