Ultimate Seabass Rod from Shimano – Exsence∞ (Infinity)

As we introduced, DAIWA has released new seabass rod the other day.

And now – from SHIMANO, named Exsence Infinity.

8 years past since the last Exsence rod has released, now the “Ultimate” top quality seabass rod from SHIMANO, will give you “ultimate” experiences.

The Lightest and The Strongest – from SHIMANO Official

Needless to say the lightness is the huge merit we are all chasing for game fishing, and lots of rod brand has been chasing for ages. However everybody was always in dilemma, the lighter can be fragile, the tougher can be heavier…

But now SHIMANO has reached one of answers to this dilemma, the “Spiral X Core” technology.

“Spiral X” is the SHIMANO’s original technology to place materials diagonally, and backwards to strengthen rods with light weight.
And this “Spiral X Core” is the advanced technology, which uses nano-alloy ® technology carbon tape from Toray so that the twisting strength is gained 10%, squash strength is gained 15%MAX, as SHIMANO official says.

Here is the strength test of SHIMANO Exsence Infinity video as below.

Comparing To Existing Exsence Models

This SHIMANO Exsence Infinity only has 4 models, we cannot really compare the same models.

But these models are the very good example how the new Exsence Infinity has improved.

Exsence ’14 S903ML MH/F – Length: 2.82m(9’3”) / 2pieces / weight: 153g
Exsence Infinity S906ML/RF – Length: 2.90m (9’6”) / 2 pieces / weight: 128g

As above, despite the length is longer than ’14 Exsence, the weight is 25g lighter. This 25g can be very different for game fishing, as you always need to keep casting for hundreds.

And interestingly, matched lure weight range is wider, but heavier. Supposedly, the new Exsence Infinity has narrower body than ’14 Exsence so the sensitivity and toughness are both gained intensely.

And with those upgrades, the price difference is only about 10,000 yen ( = about US$92.60) .

The only one negative point to me, is this new Exsence Infinity only has 4 models and does not have 10ft models, because I often go to rock fishing.
However 9ft rod can still be nice option, because you can also use it for many places such as canals, under bridges, river, lake, broadwater, etc.

Specs and Prices

As I have already introduced, Exsence Infinity only has 4 models, S900ML/RF, S906ML/RF, S906M/RF and B806M/R. Sold price can be around 58,000 – 65,000 yen.

Model Length Sections Weight Lure weight Matched Line Price (yen)
S900ML/RF 2.74m (9ft) 2 122g (4.3oz) 5-32g (0.17-1.13oz) 12-25lb (braided line) 74,000
S906ML/RF 2.9m (9’6”) 2 128g (4.52oz) 5-32g (0.17-1.13oz) 12-25lb (braided line) 75,000
S906M/RF 2.9m (9’6”) 2 132g (4.66oz) 6-38g (0.21-1.34oz) 14-33lb (braided line) 76,000
B806M/R 2.59m (8’6”) 2 120g (4.23oz) 6-38g (0.21-1.34oz) 14-33lb (braided line) 74,000
SHIMANO Excense Infinity

SHIMANO Exsence Infinity

Size: 2.59 – 2.9m
Weight: 120 – 132g Price: 63,417 yen –

Buy Exsence Infinity

Official Site

Basic product information and images are from SHIMANO Official Website

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